Work & Education

  1. Software Developer


    I am proud to have worked at OpenStar Technologies over the 2023-2024 summer. OpenStar is a Wellington-based Fusion start-up company. I contributed to an in-house React-based UI component library for use by various internal tools and applications. Additionally, I developed a purpose built budgeting application for the team, using web technologies. I designed the app based off of existing workflows. I also had the chance to work on other internal software tools, such as a Control Room application.

    TypeScriptReactNext.jsPrisma ORMPostgresTailwind CSSRustTeamworkCommunicationGraphQL
  2. Chess Club President


    I had the pleasure of being Club President for the humble Chess Club at Victoria University of Wellington from the end of 2022 to the start of 2024. I am happy to see the club grow and I am excited to see what the future holds for the club. As president, I was responsible for organising and running club events and ensuring that the club ran smoothly. I also worked on the chess club's website.

  3. Flutter Developer


    Over the 2022 summer break, I had the opportunity to work as a Flutter developer at Syrp Lab in Auckland, a company that specialises in design, software, and electronics. As a company, Syrp Lab helps photo and video brands by creating fully integrated solutions from the ground up, which includes the use of mobile applications. During my time at Syrp Lab, I was responsible for supporting the Research and Development team by leveraging my skills in Flutter to recreate the UI of an existing Android application.

  4. CompSci Tutor


    During my time at Victoria University of Wellington, I was a tutor for two first year Computer Science courses. These courses were taught in Java and dealt with some fundamentals of programming. I got to work along fellow tutors to collaborate on marking and tutoring.

  5. McDonald's Crew Member


    During my time as a crew member at McDonalds, Manners Street, Wellington, I fulfilled clients' requests, collaborated well in different teams, and quickly adapted to different stations, learning various skills along the way. Additionally, I flipped many burgers and made many ice creams.

    Customer ServiceAdaptabilityTeamwork